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Barber Luxe is Horizon West Florida’s 1st operating Mobile Barbershop. A full service mobile barbershop providing service to Windermere, Hamlin, Summer Lake and Bay Hill. We go above and beyond for our clients and believe a quality hair cut is necessary for self care and hygiene.

Perfect for Weekly services, Birthdays, Weddings, Music Festivals, and other large events and personal grooming services. 

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opening hours

Monday - Friday
08:55 AM - 09:10 PM
*See Booking Link for All Available Times
Saturday & Sunday

Horizon West, Windermere, and Disney World

Alison Smith
Alison Smith
Jay is so professional and SO patient with my 6 year old son who is a challenge to say the least and every time his haircut looks so great. He is always on time and easy to make appointments with. I really can’t say enough good things about him.
Nikki Pernell
Nikki Pernell
Jay is a pleasure! He is prompt, professional and is very patient with my 7 year old son who despises getting haircuts!
I am woman and very particular about who does my hair. I first learned about Barber Luxe via channel 9 news during COVID and was impressed. I wasn’t sure if he was experienced in cutting women’s hair, so I called consulted with his wife who answered all my questions. My first experience with Jay was phenomenal. His mobile studio was amazing as depicted on TV. He was welcoming, professional and respectful. I explained and showed him pictures of what wanted and he exceeded my expectations. A month later, I needed a shape up and thought my husband’s barber could manage my request and showed him pictures…wrong, Wrong, WRONG. I had to wait 4 weeks for my hair to grow back before returning to Jay. I returned today and told him I wouldn’t cheat again 😂; the services you provide and your pleasant and positive personality is worth the money any day.
William Flynn
William Flynn
My whole family has been going to Jay for years. Best service and most importantly best haircuts/fades.
Jim Markisohn
Jim Markisohn
My first haircut as a Florida resident. The search for someone to cut my hair has now ended. The haircut was great, as was the entire experience. It started with the convenience of getting a haircut in my own driveway. Having a pleasant, professional and skilled person cutting my hair in a fantastic setting (the mobile salon is really impressive) is more than I had hoped to find amid a sea of walk-in haircut chains. Bravo Barber Luxe Mobile!
Michael Beatty
Michael Beatty
Best hair cut I’ve ever gotten. Clean, professional and nothing but good vibes. Won’t go to anyone else.
Ervin Jose Lizardo
Ervin Jose Lizardo
Nothing professional. Performing misleading propaganda in different places
Tyrel Prentiss
Tyrel Prentiss
Jay is flat out amazing. Every aspect of the service is quality and it starts with Jay himself. Jay always makes sure that my hair looks great and he’s always willing to put in the work and take his time to make the client as happy as possible. He always arrives to appointments early and is very professional and fun. The van makes you feel like a celebrity. The quality and attention to detail is second to none. Jay is the only person that I trust with my hair. Do yourself a favor and book the services of the Barber Luxe Mobile Barbershop.
paul hanzel
paul hanzel
Had a shave and cut with Jay – one of the best barbers out there! Great attention to detail, and a fantastic operation. Can’t wait to see him next month!

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to inquire here or call me at 407-949-1728.

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pricing service

Great service at great prices!

Simple Haircut

$ 25

Classic Haircut

$ 27

Buzz Haircut

$ 29

Deluxe Haircut

$ 30

Mustache Trim

$ 15

Hot Towel Shave

$ 18

Beard Trim

$ 21

Trim Razor

$ 23

Hair Wash

$ 32

Shaves Face

$ 36

Neck Trim

$ 40

Hair Color

$ 45

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